KFC Marinated in Tabasco Sauce, KFC, Sydney

Back in late April to early May, KFC Marinated in Tabasco Sauce was a new menu item avail­able for a lim­ited time. We may have shocked ourselves with the num­ber of cal­or­ies in KFC, but we’re always ready to try new things even if it’s in mod­er­a­tion.

According to KFC, the chick­en is mar­in­ated for a min­im­um of 24 hours to trap in the spices of Tabasco sauce to provide ‘a fresh, sizz­ling and punchy hit that really brings the heat’. If this prom­ised heat wasn’t enough, each meal comes with the cutest blister pack of Tabasco Sauce.

An over­whelm­ing smell of cap­sic­um — or a red bell pep­per — con­fuses D and me as we open the box. We were expect­ing the vin­eg­ary heat of Tabasco sauce. On tast­ing, the fla­vour of cap­sic­um per­sists strongly on the bat­ter, which is much cris­pi­er than nor­mal. Unfortunately, the chick­en itself has no trace of Tabasco fla­vour, tast­ing just like unseasoned chick­en with no sug­ges­tion either in col­our or taste that it had been mar­in­ated in Tabasco sauce at all, let alone 24 hours or even the sig­na­ture spices of ordin­ary KFC.

KFC prom­ised a ‘punchy hit that really brings the heat’ but this is less spicy than Wicked Wings, which rank below KFC’s annu­al Hot & Spicy run. Perhaps we tried a dud batch?

KFC Marinated in Tabasco Sauce appeared on KFC menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing April to May 2017.