H2 Coco Coconut Water

The wholly unpleas­ant exper­i­ence with Coco Joy Organic Coconut Water with Mango Juice left me curi­ous to try H2 Coco Coconut Water, which D and I had pur­chased some months earli­er but not yet tried.

The coconut water is a cloudy pale white col­our with no smell. Served chilled, a very mel­low coconut fla­vour comes through. It’s much like that of a fresh young coconut, but with the nat­ur­al sweet­ness pared back, and the slight­est hint of acid­ity in the fin­ish to remind that it’s a pro­cessed product. The fla­vour is subtle, mak­ing the coconut water very easy to drink. That said, I’d have pre­ferred a stronger coconut fla­vour to bring it a step up from being spar­ingly fla­voured water.

This car­ton of H2 Coco Coconut Water con­tained 1 litre. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.