Glico Pocky Blueberry

Some Glico products out­side of Japan are made under licence from the par­ent com­pany. Alas ‘under licence’ does not mean that they fol­low the same recipe or stand­ards of qual­ity, which sees my avoid­ing products by Glico China and Glico Thailand. This time, though, I’m try­ing Glico Pocky Blueberry. Korea makes some very tasty snacks with some stiff loc­al com­pet­i­tion from Lotte and Crown.

These Blueberry Pocky are 13% real blue­ber­ries for max­im­um fla­vour, with a reg­u­lar bis­cuit stick enrobed in a pale purple mousse flecked with freeze-dried blue­ber­ries

These bis­cuits have a fruity berry smell. On tast­ing, though, it’s the crunchy bis­cuit that comes through before the creamy tex­ture of the mousse emerges. The fla­vour of the blue­berry is mel­low and devel­ops as the freeze dried blue­ber­ries add pops of intense fresh blue­berry fla­vour with an inter­est­ing pop­ping candy like sen­sa­tion towards the end of each bite as they’re rehyd­rated.

The blue­berry fla­vour here is nat­ur­al, with no prom­in­ent hints of arti­fi­ci­al­ity, although it becomes a bit too sweet by half way through the pack­age — each box comes with only one bag rather than the two you find in Pocky by Glico Japan. That minor issue aside, I am delighted that Glico Korea makes decent and tasty Pocky.

This pack­age of Glico Pocky Blueberry con­tained 1 pack of ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Korea and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.