Drury Lane, Newtown

Sweet Envy is lauded as Hobart’s best patis­ser­ie. And Sweet Envy’s boss and chef, Alistair Wise, arrived in Sydney in May 2017 with Drury Lane, situ­ated above Brewtown Newtown. Hobart may be small, but a favour­ite is worth check­ing out all the same.

One cab­in­et is filled with a wide selec­tion of but­ter­cream bis­cuits with vari­ous fillings (includ­ing salted car­a­mel and straw­berry jam) as well as crois­sants and their sig­na­ture pecan sticky bun and Jatz pie. The oth­er cab­in­et is filled with cakes and slices from cus­tard tarts, vanilla slices, opera cake and lem­on meringues.

N and I eye the Lemon Meringue ($7.00). It has a pastry base, cake walls and a lem­on curd centre covered in a torched Italian meringue.

This was a new and inter­est­ing take on a lem­on meringue that’s dif­fer­ent from the tart format that we expect. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that using cake works, as the cake is dry and dense, while the lem­on curd is firm instead of being ‘curdy’ and the lem­on meringue wraps thinly around the entire cake. I think more gen­er­ous meringue would’ve helped bal­ance the dry­ness of the cake and a tarter lem­on curd would’ve countered the sweet­ness of the meringue.

This is the Poached Pear Tart ($5.00) with a tart based with a poached pear sit­ting on a pista­chio cake.

The pear was the high­light of this tart, retain­ing a firm tex­ture and tak­ing on a fla­vour that reminds of pear cider. Unfortunately, the down­side to the firm pear is that it makes it near impossible to eat it togeth­er with the rest of the tart, which had a pleas­ant nut­ti­ness that was sweet but countered with the savoury notes of the pista­chio.

Drury Lane may be one of the best baker­ies in Hobart, but it’s not some­where to rush back to in Sydney.

Drury Lane is loc­ated at Level 1, 6 – 8 O’Connell Street, Newtown NSW 2042.