Crown Couque D’Asse Vienna Coffee

There were a few years at the end of high school where I was very much inter­ested in sweet Korean snacks. Looking back, it was mostly likely the influ­ence of Korean class­mates. At some point I switched to savoury Korean snacks in the form of Potato Noodle Soup or Shin Ramyun by Nongshim, but it’s been many years for a sweet snack. This here is Crown Couque D’Asse Vienna Coffee. 

Two soft cook­ies sand­wich a Vienna cof­fee cream filling. Vienna cof­fee is cof­fee or espresso topped with whipped cream, although the one I had in Japan was topped with a marsh­mal­lowy meringue.

The cook­ies smell like a vanilla wafer with a hint of sweet cof­fee. They taste much like how they smell with the cook­ie hav­ing a light and soft tex­ture that crumbles when eaten, and the cof­fee fla­vour is sweet without the pleas­ant bit­ter­ness and lingers lightly in the after­taste. While I enjoy these cook­ies, they’re so ordin­ary and inof­fens­ive in fla­vour and tex­ture with no more­ish qual­it­ies that I don’t reach for anoth­er bite.

This pack­age of Crown Couque D’Asse Vienna Coffee con­tained one piece. It was pro­duced in South Korea and gif­ted by col­leagues in Sydney, Australia.