Coco Joy Organic Coconut Water with Mango Juice

Cartons of coconut water nev­er taste quite the same as that straight from a fresh young coconut. It almost always lacks the refresh­ing sweet­ness that makes young coconut juice so deli­cious. We’d mostly giv­en up on car­tons coconut water car­tons until D was received a few car­tons of Coco Joy Organic Coconut Water with Mango Juice from a col­league.

The bever­age is a cloudy pale straw col­our with an unpleas­ant slightly sour trop­ic­al nose. Served chilled, the drink tastes much the same as it smells. The sour­ness of the mango juice lacks fresh­ness or even the pleas­ant sweet­ness of mango syr­up and per­sists through­out the sip, dom­in­at­ing the coconut fla­vour to sug­gest coconut water that’s gone off (we checked that the expiry date wasn’t for a year). The coconut fla­vour that comes through is faint and more like that of an old rather than a young coconut.

I can safely say that we would nev­er pur­chase this brand of coconut water. The fla­vour lacks the sweet and refresh­ingly qual­it­ies of young coconut like most car­ton coconut water, but this one goes the extra mile to taste abso­lutely ter­rible. It rivals Nockahwon Green Tea Latte as being one of the worse drinks I’ve ever tasted.

This car­ton of Coco Joy Organic Coconut Water with Mango Juice con­tained 330 ml. It was bottled in Australia and gif­ted by col­leagues in Sydney, Australia in 2017.