Chanoma Cafe, Sydney

Chanoma rebranded itself in mid-2017 to Oh! Matcha by Chanoma. I don’t know the reas­ons behind the name change — per­haps they wanted a stronger focus on matcha that the ‘cha’ didn’t suf­fi­ciently con­vey? — but it’ll remain Chanoma in my mind for now: ‘Chanoma’ is a brand, ‘Oh! Matcha’ is a tagline.

In with the launch of their new name, they answered my pray­ers with hojicha fla­voured products! It was always a gap in their menu that I lamen­ted, but now the menu is graced with items like hot hojicha latte, iced hojicha latte, hojicha frappe, hojicha float and of course, hojicha soft serve –

The Hojicha Latte Soft Serve ($3.90) is everything you ima­gined it to be. It is per­fectly sweetened to give a creamy soft serve bright with the fla­vour of roas­ted green tea. Imagine a good hojicha latte as soft serve.

This is the Hojicha Float ($5.90). It’s an iced hojicha latte with hojicha soft serve and shiratama dango.

The iced hojicha latte is not sweetened much and it seems that when hojicha is paired with milk in drinks or cakes without being sweetened suf­fi­ciently, it takes on a strange fla­vour asso­ci­ation. More pre­cisely — and in all ser­i­ous­ness — the earthy fla­vour reminds of dog bis­cuits (an asso­ci­ation first encountered with a hojicha chif­fon cake at Cre Asion). Mixed with the soft serve, though, the sweet­ness of the latte is more bal­anced and the fla­vour becomes a more enjoy­able hojicha.

And finally, this is the Hojicha Frappe. It’s a frozen hojicha latte with shiratama dango, whipped cream and a dust­ing of hojicha powder. The frappe has a strong hojicha fla­vour much like the latte, but had the same issue with its earthy fla­vour and without the soft serve to counter.

I adore all things hojicha fla­voured and am delighted at its arrival at Chanoma, but the more veget­al notes of the matcha latte make it the more refresh­ing bever­age after a big meal.

Chanoma Cafe is loc­ated at Shop 1, Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.