Birds Eye Deli New Zealand Hoki Lemon Lime & Herb

Baking crumbed fish from frozen can be a bit of a mixed bag, usu­ally lack­ing the intense crisp­ness of deep fried fish and leav­ing a soft and slightly soggy crumb. This here is Birds Eye Deli New Zealand Hoki Lemon Lime & Herb.

Each box comes with two fil­lets with a lem­on, lime and herb crumb. These are baked at 200*C in a fan forced oven for 27 minutes, turn­ing half way.

When baked, some juices ooze from the base, leav­ing some­what of a soggy base. Turning mid-way dries it out some­what but not com­pletely, leav­ing only the top side bakes to a crispy tex­ture.

The hoki is flaky while the crumb brings a tasty cit­rus and herb fla­vour to the oth­er­wise unseasoned fish. It’s a tasty and decent fil­let of fish although not amaz­ingly deli­cious like medi­um rare sal­mon.

This pack­age of Birds Eye Deli New Zealand Hoki Lemon Lime & Herb con­tained 260 g. It was pro­duced in New Zealand and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.