Bickford’s Traditional Soda Sarsaparilla

The Bickford’s Traditional Soda Sarsaparilla has been long on our list of sar­sa­paril­las to try. It’s ludicrously hard to find in stores in New South Wales — super­mar­kets only stock the sar­sa­parilla fla­voured cor­di­al — but we man­aged to get our hands on a bottle after D’s par­ents vis­ited Adelaide.

The bever­age is a semi-trans­lu­cent dark brown col­our with a gentle liquorice nose and a high car­bon­a­tion. Served chilled, a sweet car­a­mel fla­vour comes through with mel­low liquorice notes in the body ahead of a prom­in­ent acid­ity devel­op­ing towards the fin­ish before leav­ing a slight win­ter­green and liquorice after­taste.

Overall, the fla­vour has more depth than the cor­di­al ver­sion by Bickford’s but retains the sour­ness. It has a thin, watered-down mouth­feel that lacks the bright­ness of the liquorice notes in the one by Schweppes that makes it so refresh­ing. We had high hopes for this sar­sa­parilla, but it seems that either D uncon­sciously improved upon his child­hood memory of the bever­age or Bickford’s changed their for­mu­la­tion.

This bottle of Bickford’s Traditional Soda Sarsaparilla con­tained 330 ml. It was bottled in Australia and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in 2017.