Spring Cider Co Apple & Pomegranate Cider Blended with Soda Water

Superfood fads come and go. In the late 2000s, it was pomegranate and the cur­va­ceous bottles of pomegranate juice pro­duced by POM Wonderful were the trend­i­est item. After being sued for advert­ising unsub­stan­ti­ated med­ic­al claims about their juice, bottles of POM Wonderful quietly dis­ap­peared from super­mar­ket shelves in Sydney. It was time for the next super­food.

Thankfully, while pomegranate products no longer greet at every turn, the deli­cious slightly acid­ic and sweet ruby jew­els con­tin­ue to be used to fla­vour select products like this Spring Cider Co Apple & Pomegranate Cider Blended with Soda Water.

The cider is a beau­ti­ful trans­lu­cent sal­mon pink with a crisp apple nose and lightly effer­ves­cent. Consumed ice-cold, bright notes of crisp apple come through with a gentle sweet­ness ahead of lightly acid­ic pomegranate notes — like ripe and fresh cher­ries — in the body before the apple returns in the fin­ish and lingers on the pal­ate. With an alco­hol con­tent of 2%, the mel­low sweet­ness of this cider makes for an immensely refresh­ing and easy drink avoid­ing the sharp­er notes of full-strength ciders without being too dry.

This is an immensely enjoy­able cider, but it’s more expens­ive than many full strength ciders.

This bottle of Spring Cider Co Apple & Pomegranate Cider Blended with Soda Water con­tained 330 ml. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.