Royal Family Pie Cookies Chocolate Mochi

Cookies are best when they’re chocol­ate wheth­er they’re crispy or chunky or soft, and mochi is deli­cious for their chewy, stretchy and bouncy tex­ture. Cookies and mochi are great on their own but Royal Family Pie Cookies Chocolate Mochi com­bine these into a single bite-sized snack.

Each piece has a chocol­ate chip chocol­ate cook­ie with a chocol­ate mochi centre.

These have a strong chocol­ate aroma like a rich chocol­ate cook­ie. The cook­ie is soft and dense tex­ture and rich chocol­ate fla­vour like a brownie, with the chocol­ate chips adding crispy pops of fla­vour before reach­ing the squishy — but not very stretchy — centre of mochi. The chocol­ate of the mochi is mel­low­er com­pared to the cook­ie, giv­ing a nov­el shift in tex­ture without over­whelm­ing with chocol­ate fla­vour or sweet­ness.

This pack­age of Royal Family Pie Cookies Chocolate Mochi con­tained 8 pieces. It was pro­duced in Taiwan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.