Nestle Frutips Fruit Pastilles

These Nestle Frutips Fruit Pastilles are extra soft and indi­vidu­ally sealed. They’re cir­cu­lar with a flat top and bot­tom and coated with sug­ar crys­tals. Straight out of the pack­aging, these gummy can­dies are rock hard but can be chewed through and melt­ing to release their fla­vour but stick­ing to your teeth.

Clear is the lychee. The lychee fla­vour comes through in the first half with lychee syr­up notes — it’s not fresh or bright, without being too sweet, but it feels heavy like syr­up and has a strange hint of sour­ness — before the fla­vour dis­sip­ates by the second half to a gluc­ose syr­up sweet­ness.

Purple is black­cur­rant. Blackcurrant is always a hit and these have an intense and bright black­cur­rant fla­vour that’s dif­fer­ent from the Blackcurrant Pastilles by Lifesavers. These have a juici­er fla­vour, although the hint of sour­ness as in the lychee con­tin­ue to linger in the back­ground.

Red is straw­berry. The straw­berry fla­vour is pleas­antly sweet des­pite the fruit fla­vour being obvi­ously arti­fi­cial.

Yellow is lem­on. The lem­on fla­vour is bright and zesty, cap­tur­ing the tangy sharp­ness of lem­ons just before it topples over to bit­ter­ness. This is a good lem­on pas­tille.

Green is apple. This is a bit con­fus­ing as the pack­aging shows a red apple, but non­ethe­less, there’s the crisp, lightly tart fla­vour of green apples even if it’s a little arti­fi­cial.

Finally, orange is orange. It’s a bright and very nat­ur­al orange fla­vour without the tongue numb­ing sourness/​bitterness of some orange fla­voured gum­mies by Allens.

These were accept­able fla­vours of gum­mies. In terms of tex­ture though, they stick to your teeth like glue, mak­ing it a night­mare to remove. Overall, though, I’d pass on these.

This pack of Nestle Frutips Fruit Pastilles con­tained 100 grams. It was pro­duced in China and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing Hong Kong in 2016.