La Mamma del Gelato Anita, Chippendale

N and I recently returned to La Mamma del Gelato Anita after an absence of over a year for no good reas­on. More pre­cisely, we intro­duced T to the gelater­ia and now he can’t get enough of it.

There are new fla­vours on offer. Here on the top, we have Melon & Lychee with bright notes of rock­mel­on and hon­ey­dew fol­lowed by a pleas­antly flor­al and nat­ur­al lychee fla­vour with bits of the fruit scattered through­out. On the bot­tom, we have Roseberry, a tangy rasp­berry sorbet with a deli­cious under­tone of rose that lifts the fla­vour.

In the year since our last vis­it, they’ve renamed the Limoncello to the more access­ible name of Lemon & Mint. It tastes just as sal­iv­at­ingly and sat­is­fy­ingly sour as ever, while the Watermelon & Mint now takes on a deep­er pink col­our with a sweeter but still deli­cious fla­vour. These two remain my favour­ite fla­vours of gelato any­where.

And finally, I try their Tropical with pro­nounced notes of tangy pas­sion­fruit in the gelato and the added tex­ture and the added nutty fla­vour of pas­sion­fruit seeds.

La Mama del Gelato Anita is loc­ated at Central Park, Ground Floor RG15, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.