Haribo Happy Cola

Cola bottle gummy candy was a main­stay at the canteen in my high school until they imple­men­ted their overly com­plex ‘traffic light’ sys­tem to help kids identi­fy healthy choices that they’ve now since removed from schools. These Haribo Happy Cola are a hark back to those adoles­cent times.

While the ones from high school were about 10 cm long with a firm gummy tex­ture, these are about 3 cm long with a firm gummy top and a soft marsh­mal­low back. 

Each gummy is filled with a soft cola centre.

The cola fla­vour of these gum­mies is deli­cious and hits just the spot. The firm gummy top has a good bounce on the teeth with a gentle cola fla­vour, but it’s the ‘liquid centre’ that brings the more prom­in­ent hit of sweet and tangy cola fla­vour. This centre is a cola gel that can be squeezed out of the gummy rather than actu­al liquid cola as the name implies, while the sweet marsh­mal­low adds a bal­an­cing soft­ness that firmer than the gel centre but softer than the firm gummy.

This bag of Haribo Happy Cola con­tained 160 g. It was pro­duced in Germany and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.