Haribo Gold Bears

Haribo Gold Bears are the first gummy bears ever made, and there’s no ques­tion that they are the most deli­cious gummy bears avail­able.

Each piece is roughly 2 cm (0.8 in) long and shaped in the form of a bear.

There are six fla­vours (left to right): straw­berry (red), apple (green), lem­on (yel­low), orange (orange), pine­apple (col­our­less) and rasp­berry (pink).

The straw­berry has real straw­berry fla­vour emer­ging in the body that avoids the arti­fi­cial fla­vour of many oth­er straw­berry fla­voured products.

The orange is like orange juice with the fla­vour com­ing through imme­di­ately with a light zesti­ness.

The apple has a sweet and bright, fresh green apple fla­vour right from the start.

The lem­on has the zesti­ness of the rind on the first bite with a gentle sour­ness.

The pine­apple is my favour­ite with its trop­ic­al — slightly acid­ic — pine­apple sweet­ness that peaks mid-bite.

Finally, the rasp­berry has a berry sweet­ness that’s nat­ur­al and strong like rasp­berry jam with a more acid­ic note than the straw­berry.

Overall, the Gold Bears have a deli­cious mouth­feel with a gen­er­ous bite and chew and delect­able fla­vours that are bright in the fla­vour they rep­res­ent and well-bal­anced in sweet­ness. They are the only real option when you need to sat­is­fy a crav­ing for gummy bears.

This bag of Haribo Gold Bears con­tained 170 g. It was pro­duced in Germany and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.