Gong Cha QQ Passionfruit Green Tea

I was eager to try oth­er items on the menu at Gong Cha fol­low­ing on from my pos­it­ive first exper­i­ence at Gong Cha with their Lychee Oolong Tea with Aloe. This time, it’s Gong Cha QQ Passionfruit Green TeaQQ is a mix­ture of pearls and nata de coco, sup­posedly so called because Chinese people can­not pro­nounce ‘chewy chewy’.

Ordering at the Rhodes branch is a night­mare com­pared to the smooth pro­cess at Chatswood, with the girl behind the counter not only barely being able to speak English but hav­ing ter­rible trouble find­ing any­thing on their sys­tem. I’d ordered with less ice and nor­mal sug­ar, only to receive less ice and no sug­ar. Troubles with order­ing aside, this hic­cup may have been a bless­ing in dis­guise as the reduced sweet­ness brought out the tangy sour­ness of the pas­sion­fruit pulp and fla­vour along with the lychee jelly and the pearls adding deli­cious pops of chew­iness. As with most teas from Asian tea out­lets — the Lychee Oolong Tea with Aloe being the excep­tion so far — the fla­vour of green tea did not come through behind the pas­sion­fruit fla­vour­ing. If we for­get that we’re order­ing a tea, the drink itself is very enjoy­able and I would order it again with no sug­ar.

QQ Passionfruit Green Tea appeared on Gong Cha menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing June 2017.