Gong Cha Mango Alisan

Gong Cha is one of tea out­lets that have oolong tea based items on their menu. And with the Lychee Oolong with Aloe tast­ing so deli­cious, I went through their menu for oth­er oolong teas and found this Gong Cha Mango Alisan. Alisan (or Ali Mountain) tea is a lightly oxid­ised oolong grown high in the moun­tains of cent­ral Taiwan with a light orch­id aroma and a mel­lowly sweet and creamy fla­vour with fruity and flor­al hints.

Ordered with nor­mal sug­ar, I received no sug­ar (I must stop vis­it­ing the Rhodes branch…). Bungled order aside, the tea is a trans­lu­cent golden straw col­our. The mango fla­vour is prom­in­ent through­out each sip, but remin­is­cent of an overly ripe and old fruit rather than the refresh­ing trop­ic­al sweet­ness of the fresh mango. Mango ‘bits’ float around inside the drink giv­ing an inter­est­ing chewy tex­ture and while we didn’t ter­ribly mind the lack of sug­ar, the tea was watery and bland with no hint of tea fla­vour, let alone oolong.

Mango Alisan appeared on Gong Cha menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing June 2017.