Gelato Messina, Pyrmont and Newtown

It’s always a good time for gelato. It’s great for cool­ing down in the sum­mer, but just as deli­cious dur­ing the winter when you’re all wrapped up. So, Gelato Messina is a des­tin­a­tion all year round.

This is the Blood Orange (1 scoop for $5.00). As expec­ted from a sorbet, it is immensely refresh­ing and cleanses the pal­ate after a greasy or heavy meal. The blood orange fla­vour cap­tures the stronger aroma of the fruit com­pared to reg­u­lar oranges, along with its nat­ur­al sweet­ness and hint of bit­ter­ness.

This is Strawberry. Fruit sorbets really shine at Gelato Messina and this one is no excep­tion, with brightly sweet and slightly acid­ic notes of fresh straw­ber­ries.

And this is one of Macadamia Crunch, one of the few creamy fla­vours I’ve tried from Messina. Dessert usu­ally comes after lunch, so I opt for some­thing light by going for sorbets. But T was late for lunch so N and I ducked into the Newtown store to pass the time.

The ice cream is beau­ti­fully creamy with gen­er­ous chunks of mac­ad­amia through­out to add a pleas­ant nut­ti­ness to break up the cream­i­ness.

Gelato Messina is loc­ated at Café Court, The Star, 80 Pyrmont Road, Pyrmont NSW 2009 and 262 King St, Newtown NSW 2042.