Dulcet Cakes & Sweets, Burwood

Dulcet Cafes & Sweets opened in Burwood in early 2017. Rumour has it that they’re ‘dif­fer­ent’ from oth­er dessert par­lours, by vir­tue of hav­ing ‘healthy’ desserts that aren’t as heavy on the sug­ar. Not that that’s a draw card — if I’m going to eat dessert I want to do it prop­erly! Anyway, after assur­ances from C that their early teeth­ing issues in cus­tom­er ser­vice were ironed out, this here is the Yuzu hojicha guava  ($11).

The cake is a yuzu mousse with a centre of hojicha and guava on a square of puff pastry. Each of the fla­vours of yuzu, hojicha and guava are prom­in­ent when each is tasted on its own but­to­geth­er the fla­vour of the yuzu mousse dom­in­ates the more subtle fla­vours of the oth­er two. Perhaps it’s their attempt to be health but the yuzu mousse, while cit­rusy, has the fla­vour of cream cheese without much dis­tinc­tion between its soft­ness and the hojicha and guava. A firmer jelly or a more liquid gel would’ve been appre­ci­ated.

And this is the Matcha Crepe Cake ($9.80). Crepe cakes seem to be hav­ing their moment in Sydney, and this one here has the healthy fla­vour of good qual­ity matcha. The crepes are thin, although the cream between the lay­ers becomes a bit too much after a few bites. That said, we’re not great fans of the thin and dense tex­ture of crepes as they lack the light fluffi­ness of cake.

If you’re a fan of crepe cakes, then Dulcet Cakes & Sweets is a good place to go. For someone after cakes, like myself, over­all the fla­vours are there and the cakes look the part, but the bal­ance of fla­vours and tex­tures are far inferi­or to the fin­esse of La Renaissance Patisserie and Cafe or Koi Dessert Bar leav­ing Dulcet Cakes and Sweets world’s away from being able to jus­ti­fy the high­er prices they demand ($11). Perhaps I should try their oth­er cakes, but friends who have vis­ited have not been very impressed by them either.

Dulcet Cakes & Sweets is at 31 Belmore St, Burwood NSW 2134.