Côte d’Or Noir De Noir

Côte d’Or is Belgium’s favour­ite chocol­ate brand, and true enough, a former Belgian col­league intro­duced this Côte d’Or Noir De Noir as his favour­ite chocol­ate bar.

It’s a dark chocol­ate with a min­im­um cocoa con­tent of 54%. Each pack­age con­tains two foiled wrapped bars sep­ar­ated into sev­en tab­lettes.

These tab­lettes smell of a bold rich cocoa. From the first few seconds of tast­ing, it is evid­ent why this is Belgium’s favour­ite chocol­ate brand. The dark chocol­ate dis­tin­guishes itself with a fla­vour that’s rich, with more depth and com­plex­ity than you’d have ima­gined pos­sible. More than that, the con­sist­ency is unbe­liev­ably smooth and creamy as it melts almost instantly on your tongue.

This is eas­ily the best dark chocol­ate I have had the pleas­ure to enjoy. There is no trace of the chalky oddness of typ­ic­al dark chocol­ate where chocol­ate makers seem to bal­ance the bit­ter­ness of the high cocoa con­tent by adding lots of amounts of sug­ar. It is unmatched in its fla­vour and tex­ture.

This bar of Côte d’Or Noir De Noir con­tained 150 g. It was pro­duced in Belgium and gif­ted by a col­league vis­it­ing Belgium in 2017.