Arnott’s Tim Tam Gelato Messina Black Forest

The third — and the last that will be reviewed — of the four Tim Tam fla­vours cre­ated in col­lab­or­a­tion is Arnott’s Tim Tam Gelato Messina Black Forest. Again, I’ve not tried the ori­gin­al gelato on which this Tim Tam is based. These fea­ture two chocol­ate bis­cuits sand­wich­ing but­ter­cream with a gooey cherry centre.

The cherry centres of these Tim Tam occupy only the centre half of the bis­cuit, leav­ing the remain­ing half to be fla­voured with just but­ter­cream, which adds mois­ture to the dry bis­cuits but also cre­ates a very ped­es­tri­an fla­vour. In the bites where you do reach the cherry centre, though, it brings a pop of cherry fla­vour that’s lightly acid­ic, much like in a Cherry Ripe, and just bold enough to cut through the sweet­ness of the but­ter­cream and chocol­ate without over­whelm­ing or linger­ing on the pal­ate.

I’d have enjoyed a more gen­er­ous cherry filling in these Tim Tams.

This pack­age of Arnott’s Tim Tam Gelato Mess­ina Black Forest con­tained 9 bis­cuits. It was pro­duced in Australia and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.