Yebisu Izakaya, Sydney

We’re always hope­ful that a sub­sequent vis­it will improve our impres­sion of a res­taur­ant. Three years on from our first overly salty and lacklustre vis­it to Yebisu Izakaya, we return for its prox­im­ity to desserts options in Regent Place. It’s stuck around for three years, so they must be doing some­thing cor­rect, right?

To start, N and T have Agedashi Tofu ($9.80). Not one for tofu, I pass on the dish, but N laments that the tofu was not silky and tasted just like the premade cold tofu dipped in bat­ter then fried. Perhaps the high price they charge is the key to their suc­cess?

Not impressed with their Chirashi Don the first time we vis­ited, this time I fill up on Tuna Hosomaki ($5.80 for 6 pieces) and Salmon Hosomaki ($5.80 for 6 pieces). They sell cucum­ber hoso­maki too for the same price, but why eat veget­ables when you can eat raw fish? Hosomaki is one my com­fort foods being deli­cious bite size morsels, although no one I know seems to under­stand my love for them.

Here, the hoso­maki sat­is­fy my crav­ing, although there is more rice and less fish than I’d like to each roll and the fish isn’t fla­vour­ful, which was a prob­lem rep­lic­ated in N’s sushi lunch set.

Overall, we see no reas­on for the high prices com­manded by Yebisu Izakaya. Other cus­tom­ers must see it dif­fer­ently.

Yebisu Izakaya is loc­ated at 10/​501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000