Wrigley’s Life Savers Gummies Exotics

When it comes to fruit, I’ve a weak­ness for trop­ic­al and ‘exot­ic’ fruits. Sure, their lim­ited avail­ab­il­ity makes them enti­cing, but many taste far and away more deli­cious than ‘reg­u­lar’ fruits. Lychees are my favour­ite. Here, we have Wrigley’s Life Savers Gummies Exotics, a bag full of gum­mies fla­voured with exot­ic fruits.

Each gummy is the ring shape of the reg­u­lar hard candy, embossed with ‘Life Savers’. The gummy is soft yet firm with a little res­ist­ance giv­ing a good bounce on the teeth. In terms of tex­ture, they sit some­where between gummy by Kasugai (soft) and Haribo (firm). There are five fla­vours: lem­on star fruit, man­dar­in orange, Asian pear, fuji apple and rasp­berry dragon­fruit.

Green is Asian pear. Asian pears are usu­ally nashi pears and we arrived at the con­clu­sion that green is Asian pear by elim­in­a­tion, after assign­ing fla­vours to the oth­er col­ours. These have a gen­er­ic sweet fruity fla­vour that bor­ders on Berry Blue Aeroplane jelly (which don’t taste like blue­ber­ries).

Purple is rasp­berry dragon­fruit. The rasp­berry is the dom­in­ant fla­vour here, although it does taste watered down com­pared to the intens­ity of usu­al rasp­berry fla­vours, sug­gest­ing it’s taken on the subtle watery nutty fla­vour of dragon­fruit, which has little fla­vour of its own oth­er­wise.

Yellow is star fruit. The lem­on is prom­in­ent with a slight hint of apple that reminds of a star fruit. Unripe star fruit is sour, though so these fare bet­ter than the Asian pear.

Orange is man­dar­in orange. Mandarins have a sweeter and more aro­mat­ic fla­vour than oranges, but here the fla­vour is much like the more sour fla­vours of an orange.

Red is fuji apple. These have a pleas­ant sweet apple fla­vour but lacks the crisp­ness of fuji apple.

With very few of the fla­vours being on point for the exot­ic fruit they took after, identi­fy­ing the col­our for each fla­vour involves pick­ing up on the dom­in­ant non-exot­ic fla­vour. Or in the case of the nashi pear, solv­ing by elim­in­a­tion, which reduces the enjoy­ment of these gum­mies immensely. Wrigley’s should stick to more main­stream fla­vours and let the Japanese trans­late exot­ic fla­vours into candy.

This bag of Wrigley’s Life Savers Gummies Exotics con­tained 198 g. It was pro­duced in the United States of America and pur­chased in New York, United States of America in 2016.