The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar Tiramisu Infusion

The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar Tiramisu Infusion is some­thing I’ve been want­ing to try for the longest time. The first I’d heard of it was back in 2016 right after they’d launched it at the Sydney Tea Festival, only to find that it was a lim­ited edi­tion that wasn’t avail­able in stores. Fast for­ward 6 months later, I find myself vis­it­ing in the after­noon, which is a ter­rible time to drink such a super­charged caf­fein­ated bever­age.

The infu­sion is a delect­able mix of ‘organ­ic roas­ted chicory root and dan­deli­on, organ­ic cacao nibs, organ­ic mate, cof­fee beans, organ­ic chamo­mile, organ­ic nat­ur­al fla­vour’.

Infusing for 9 minutes in boil­ing water yields a trans­lu­cent dark brown liquor with a rich earthy nose of chocol­ate and cof­fee. Light, round flor­al notes come through in the head before the dark­er notes of chicory and cof­fee come through in the body fol­lowed by the sweeter notes of cacao to cre­ate a smooth and rich mouth­feel with a slight bit­ter­ness and leav­ing a pleas­ant roas­ted mocha note linger­ing on the pal­ate with the slight­est acid­ity. Overall, the fla­vour does indeed remind of a liquid tiram­isu, bolder and rich­er than black teas like a cacao infused long black cof­fee with flor­al notes, mak­ing it per­fect when you need a super­charged caf­feine hit.

This Tiramisu appeared on The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar menus at 146 Abercrombie St, Redfern NSW 2016 dur­ing June 2017.