The Tao of Tea Rose Petal Black Tea

A rose pet­al fla­voured black tea is one of my favour­ite teas. It’s the per­fect tea for pair­ing with rich foods, includ­ing cakes and slightly spicy or oily foods. This here is The Tao of Tea Rose Petal Black Tea, which uses both small leaf tea and red rose petals from Qimen county of Anhui province in China.

Steeping 1 gram of loose leaf in 200 ml of water at 85°C for 4 minutes yields a trans­lu­cent light golden brown liquor with a flor­al rose nose. Served hot, bright notes of fra­grant rose scent a smooth, lightly and nat­ur­ally sweet black tea. The rose notes per­sist with a cool­ing aroma through­out the sip build­ing to a peak mid-sip as a pleas­antly strong rose essence fla­vour fol­lowed by slightly astrin­gent notes of black tea devel­op­ing in the fin­ish before leav­ing a pleas­ant rose scent briefly on the pal­ate.

This is a well-bal­anced rose pet­al black tea and its light­er oxid­isa­tion com­pared to oth­er black teas makes it one eas­ily enjoyed even by those who prefer green teas over black.

This tin of The Tao of Tea Rose Petal Black Tea con­tained 115 g. It was packed in China and pur­chased online from New York, the United States of America in 2016.