Marble Street, Macquarie Park

Not vis­it a shop­ping centre for a few months and new shops will take the place of numer­ous old shops. Once such is Marble Street next to the cinema at Macquarie Centre. The space used to be a dough­nut chain (Donut King?) then became a churro store and now sells Hong Kong street food like pine­apple buns, cus­tard tarts, buns and of course…

Egg Waffles ($4.80). They come in ori­gin­al — what we have here — as well as matcha and chocol­ate.

Freshly made, the egg waffles have a deli­cious eggy smell with a crispy shell and break­ing apart eas­ily. The eggy fla­vour comes through less strong in the innards, which have a more cake-like tex­ture and dens­ity com­pared to the light­er and fluf­fi­er ones at Come Buy.

The under­side of the waffles are flat and while the cup is a tidy vehicle for serving the egg waffle it has a major flaw: the egg waffles inside the cup become soft and soggy, tak­ing away the enjoy­able crisp shell.

While we didn’t try their lem­on tea, we noticed that it’s served in bags. Perhaps it’s a hark back to the street stalls selling drinks in plastic bags in South East and East Asia, but I highly doubt people would pay a premi­um ($4.50) for the incon­veni­ence of a bag in Sydney.

Overall, Marble Street isn’t some­where to return. It seems to mostly cater to cus­tom­ers going into the cinema who are after a cheap­er bever­age.

Marble Street is loc­ated at Level 3 Upper, Macquarie Centre, Corner of Herring Rd & Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113.