Lotte Koala’s March Mango

Following on from my pos­it­ive exper­i­ence with the matcha fla­vour, this is the Lotte Koala’s March Mango.

Unlike the matcha ver­sion with its checkered pat­tern of koalas, each indi­vidu­al bag of the mango ver­sion has a sim­il­ar pack­aging to the exter­i­or box.

Each cook­ie is in the shape of a koala and stamped with a pic­ture of a unique koala.

The mango cream, how­ever, is in stark con­trast to the creamy matcha ver­sion (pro­duced in Thailand rather than Japan). It’s very firm — so firm that it crumbles when broken up — and is not at all creamy. It takes a 40°C day for the cream to soften to slightly creamy con­sist­ency, mak­ing it a con­veni­ent hot weath­er snack, but giv­en that these heat­waves come but a few times a year, the crumbly tex­ture makes for an unpleas­ant exper­i­ence. That said when melted, the cream has a decent fla­vour of fresh mango both in the smell and the taste.

This box of Lotte Koala’s March Mango con­tained 10 bags each with 11 pieces. It was pro­duced in Thailand and was sourced from Hong Kong in 2016.