Krispy Kreme Dougnuts, Haymarket

Krispy Kreme always has a range of lim­ited edi­tion themed dough­nuts. In early 2017, it was the movies and this is the Cola Fizz dough­nut ‘filled with a zingy cola fla­voured filling, hand dipped and lightly drizzled with a Cola fla­voured icing’ and topped with a sour cola bottle lolly.

This dough­nut has a pleas­antly bright and refresh­ing cola fla­voured filling with a refresh­ing zingy acid­ity to counter the sweet­ness cola fla­voured icing and the cola stripes. The dough­nut itself is pil­lowy soft and light, while the sour cola bottle leaves you in no doubt that this is a cola dough­nut.

After the movies inspired dough­nuts, it was a col­lab­or­a­tion with Nutella. This is the Filled with Nutella ($3.50), with the ‘soft, fluffy centre […] filled with Nutella’ and fin­ished with ‘a drizzle of Nutella and a light dust­ing of icing sug­ar’.

This dough­nut had a fluffy dough, but it was a tad dry per­haps because it was no longer fresh as it was from the end of the day (at 5:00 pm). It was a cold day, so the Nutella innards were a bit dense rather than sat­is­fy­ingly melt-in-your-mouth.

And finally, this is the Dipped in Nutella ($3.50), a clas­sic ring dough­nut dipped with Nutella, topped with a smat­ter­ing of car­a­mel­ised hazel­nuts, and fin­ished with a drizzle of Nutella.

This dough­nut was a tad oily with the dipped Nutella por­tion stick­ing to the roof of your mouth when eat­ing. The car­a­mel­ised hazel­nuts, though, were redeem­ing in its crunchy, nutty fla­vour and in provid­ing a bar­ri­er to avoid­ing dir­ect con­tact of the dipped Nutella so its chocol­ate deli­cious­ness could be enjoyed.

While the lim­ited edi­tion dough­nuts at Krispy Kreme are inter­est­ing, noth­ing quite beats the basic sat­is­fac­tion of the Original Glazed.

Krispy Kreme is loc­ated at Shop 4, 2 Lee Street Henry Deane Plaza Haymarket, NSW 2000.