Kasugai Gummy Candy Lychee

This Kasugai Gummy Candy Lychee sits some­where in between the Apple Gummy Candy 100, which use only con­cen­trated fruit juice, and the Watermelon Gummy Candy, which uses arti­fi­cial and nat­ur­al fla­vours, being fla­voured with both con­cen­trated lychee and apple juice as well as nat­ur­al and arti­fi­cial fla­vours.

Each piece is a domed pale yel­low disc with a soft, powdery skin, almost an inch in dia­met­er.

A fra­grant and sweet lychee smell escapes on open­ing the pack­aging, which trans­lates dir­ectly to the taste of the gummy candy with a flor­al lychee sweet­ness emer­ging in the head before devel­op­ing into a fresh­er, more mel­low lychee fla­vour with some acid­ity (prob­ably from the apple juice, but the lychee is strong enough to mask the apple fla­vours), and leav­ing a fresh lychee fla­vour in the after­taste. It’s a very nat­ur­al lychee fla­vour rather unlike the strong lychee syr­up fla­vour you’re likely to find in lychee hard candy. The soft­ness of the gummy recalls the soft­ness of the lychee flesh, giv­ing little res­ist­ance when bit­ten through — deli­cious.

This bag of Kasugai Gummy Candy Lychee con­tained 102 grams or 24 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.