Kakawa Chocolate Rocky Road Passionfruit

Kakawa Chocolate opened a boutique in one of the Kensington Street her­it­age ter­races in mid-2016. The down­side to being squeezed into such a small shop space, though, is that it’s not par­tic­u­larly wel­com­ing for curi­ous pass­er-bys who want to browse without neces­sar­ily pur­chas­ing. And so it was over 6 months later when D tasked me with the oh-so-demand­ing job of taste-test­ing their rocky road pri­or to pur­chas­ing them as gifts for his col­leagues, that I stepped foot in the store.

This here is Kakawa Chocolate Rocky Road Passionfruit ($12.00 for 100 grams).

Each bag con­tains 9 cubes of rocky road. These are some of the pret­ti­est rocky road I’ve seen.

Each piece is a pale yel­low col­oured, pas­sion­fruit fla­voured marsh­mal­low rolled in dark chocol­ate then coated with toasted coconut, pump­kin seeds and roas­ted almonds.

The smell of trop­ic­al pas­sion­fruit comes through before you even bite into each piece. And when you do, your taste buds are greeted with a marsh­mal­low with fra­grant notes of sweet and pleas­antly tart pas­sion­fruit. The marsh­mal­low is melt-in-your-mouth light and fluffy, with the pas­sion­fruit fla­vour hold­ing its own against the rich dark chocol­ate, which coun­ters its sweet­ness and emerges in the body ahead of nutty notes of almonds and toasted coconut that provide vary­ing levels of crunch. A sweet trop­ic­al after­taste with nutty and bit­ter hints lingers to keep you want­ing more.

These are some of the pret­ti­est rocky road I’ve encountered with their appear­ance hold­ing up well dur­ing trans­port and receive a fla­vour­ful thumbs up in my ‘research’ for D.

This bag of Kakawa Chocolate Rocky Road Passionfruit con­tained 100 g. It was made in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.