Kakawa Chocolate Rocky Road Cherry

The chocol­ate, marsh­mal­lows and nuts in rocky road is a recipe for deli­cious­ness. And we’ve had some pretty deli­cious Kakawa Passionfruit Rocky Road. In the name of ‘research’, to ensure D was gift­ing some­thing tasty, I com­pared the Kakawa Chocolate Rocky Road Cherry ($12.00 for 100 grams).

Each bag con­tains 9 cubes of rocky road. This col­our palette with splashes of red is even pret­ti­er than the Passionfruit Rocky Road.

Each piece is a pale pink col­oured, cherry fla­voured marsh­mal­low rolled in dark chocol­ate then coated with freeze-dried cherry, toasted hazel­nuts and almonds and pump­kin seeds.

Dark chocol­ate greets your nose ahead of the pleas­ant acid­ic fla­vour of the freeze-dried cherry as you place it in your mouth. Biting into it, the bit­ter notes of rich dark chocol­ate come through before reach­ing the pil­lowy soft marsh­mal­low. But no cherry fla­vour emerges from the oth­er­wise sweet and fluffy marsh­mal­low against the dark chocol­ate. Rather, the nutty fla­vours of toasted pump­kin seeds, almonds and hazel­nuts dom­in­ate with the chocol­ate, with cherry notes com­ing through only briefly as faintly sweet tart­ness in the fin­ish before the sweet, rich dark chocol­ate returns in the after­taste.

I was bra­cing myself for an over­whelm­ing cherry fla­vour, as cherry-fla­voured foods tend to have, but instead was left want­ing more cherry fla­vour, which has almost nev­er happened.

This bag of Kakawa Chocolate Rocky Road Cherry con­tained 100 g. It was made in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.