Indo Lankan Food Bar, Seven Hills

For well over a dec­ade, D and I have referred to a shop near Seven Hills train sta­tion as ‘the shop with the lamb rolls’. Since high school, we’ve ever only vis­ited the shop for one thing: lamb rolls.

We only star­ted enjoy­ing Indo-Lankan cur­ries in recent years — mostly with the encour­age­ment of N and T — and it wasn’t until early 2017 that we dis­covered it was called the Indo Lankan Food Bar and tried oth­er items on their menu.

The Indo Lankan Food Bar has been open since 1996 and is vis­ited by swarms of Indian and Sri Lankan people even on a rainy night. We had every inten­tion of din­ing in, but a serv­er melt­down at D’s work­place saw us short on time. Take away items are about $1 – 2.00 cheap­er than the equi­val­ent dine-in item.

First off is the Lamb Roll ($1.50 takeaway) with a spiced lamb mince and potato filling.

The lamb rolls have a deli­cious crunch with a spicy kick and heat to the filling, although it’s markedly less intense than what we remem­ber from earli­er vis­its where we had to rest between bites. We find them easi­er to eat at this reduced heat but miss the burn.

This is the Chicken Roll ($.1.50), which looks identic­al to the Lamb Roll, with chick­en mince and potato filling.

The chick­en rolls had a less crunchy skin, although that likely var­ies between batches, with the fla­vour being sweeter and less gamey with a more tender tex­ture. It’s enjoy­able, but we find the lamb adds a depth of fla­vour.

This is the Lamb Samosa ($1.50) with a potato and lamb filling.

The pastry is delight­fully crispy and the filling has a great­er potato to lamb ratio that gives it a softer mouth­feel. There’s even less heat to filling of this sam­osa than the lamb rolls.

I love egg­plant and this is the Eggplant Curry ($8.00, medi­um, takeaway). Honestly, I expec­ted some­thing more along the lines of an aloo baigan at Faheem Fast Food, so was sur­prised to see some­thing so dark and mashed. There’s vis­ible egg­plant skin, but the egg­plant flesh has been mashed and mixed with spices that have a gentle heat but a prom­in­ent bit­ter­ness in its savoury fla­vour that com­pletely takes away any enjoy­ment from the curry.

On our next vis­it, we go back to our safe option with Butter Chicken ($9.90, medi­um, takeaway). We enjoy this rich and creamy curry immensely, me espe­cially so, for its prom­in­ent tomato fla­vours bring­ing a pleas­ant sweet­ness that’s countered by savoury but­tery notes. The por­tion of chick­en is gen­er­ous, using juicy thigh meat. We prefer this less sweet ver­sion over the one at Paradise Biryani House in Strathfield.

To go with the curry, we have Butter Naan ($2.90, takeaway). The naan is pleas­antly doughy with a faint hint of but­ter, but noth­ing that screams but­ter to a but­ter lov­er like me.

Their Garlic Naan ($2.90) is speckled with cori­ander and gar­lic, bring­ing out more fla­vour than the but­ter naan. We prefer it.

And we also try their Roti ($2.50, takeaway). The roti is light, although not as fluffy as the roti we’ve had from Malaysian res­taur­ants like Mamak and Paparich. For curry, though, naan is the bet­ter vehicle.

We’ll need to try more of their cur­ries, hop­pers and oth­er entrees, which are very pop­u­lar the Indo Lankan cus­tom­ers.

Indo Lankan Food Bar is at 61 Boomerang Pl, Seven Hills NSW 2147.