Hurom Juice White & Purple Juice

Browsing around Chatswood Westfield, D and I passed a shop selling juice. Normally, we’d not give these shops a second glance, but D and I were attrac­ted by the nine staff mem­bers behind the counter hard at work in the tiny store and the size­able crowd in front of the counter eagerly order­ing. It turns out Hurom Juice was cel­eb­rat­ing their grand open­ing with $2.00 juices (usu­ally $6.60 for medi­um, $8.60 for large), so we join the queue. There’s a wait of 30 minutes but that’s all right for all nat­ur­al juices.

Hurom juice is cold-pressed juice made by squeez­ing gently and not apply­ing heat to keep alive in the juice enzymes that help break down food for easi­er diges­tion.

We try the White Juice with pear, apple and lem­on.

The acid­ity from the lem­on wakes you up in the first sip and mel­lows as you grow accus­tomed to the fla­vour with dis­tinct pear and apple notes com­ing through. The over­all fla­vour is of all nat­ur­al fruit juice with none of the adjust­ments made from bottled fruit juice (fresh or con­cen­trate).

Our second juice is the Purple Juice with pine­apple, apple, rasp­berry and blue­berry.

The apple juice is the prom­in­ent fla­vour is this juice, com­ing through before the pine­apple notes devel­op in the body with the berry notes appear­ing in the fin­ish ahead of a return of the pine­apple in the after­taste. Overall, the sweet­ness and acid­ity of this juice are more bal­anced, but we’re not fans of the pine­apple after­taste.

We’re curi­ous as to wheth­er this Hurom Juice shop will also pro­mote Hurom branded cold press juicers. From the looks of it though, dur­ing their open­ing week in May, they seem to have their focus squarely on mak­ing bever­ages, rather than selling their products.

Hurom Juice is loc­ated at Level 2, Chatswood Westfield, 1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067.