Gong Cha Lychee Oolong Tea with Aloe

There are so many Taiwanese tea­house chains with little dis­tin­guish­ing one fla­voured tea from the next. So I was delighted to find this Gong Cha Lychee Oolong Tea with Aloe ($6.00).

The oolong tea dis­tin­guishes it from tea from oth­er chains. Here, it’s a very fra­grant oolong with pleas­ant fruity and car­a­mel notes that lends itself remark­ably well to the flor­al and fruity notes of the lychee. It’s a dis­tinct oolong tea fla­vour, which is more than can be said about some chains where I can only tell it’s a fla­voured green/​black tea rather than a fla­voured cor­di­al based on the astrin­gency on the pal­ate. The lychee fla­vour is mel­low without scream­ing ‘syr­up’ and the aloe adds a refresh­ing tex­ture and fla­vour to the tea.

Lychee Oolong Tea with Aloe appeared on Gong Cha menus in Sydney, Australia in May 2017.