Glico Pocky Sakkuri Milk

Glico Pocky Sakkuri Milk is an extra crunchy ver­sion of your stand­ard Pocky. Here, they’re in a handy pock­et size, per­fect for snack­ing on the go.

Each bis­cuit stick meas­ures about 8 cm and is enrobed in milk chocol­ate. It’s the bis­cuit, rather than the chocol­ate though, that dis­tin­guishes these Sakkuri Pocky from stand­ard Pocky: the bis­cuit has wheat bran kneaded into it for the extra crunch.

These Sakkuri Pocky smell like milk chocol­ate and cer­eal. They’re harder in tex­ture than stand­ard Pocky, bring­ing the added crunch on bit­ing into it. More than that, though, the wheat bran in the bis­cuit stick brings a savoury note to the Pocky, like a Graham crack­er. The bis­cuit mel­lows the sweet­ness of the milk chocol­ate that melts smoothly and quickly. The over­all fla­vour is more­ish as a res­ult of the wheat bran and reminds of a s’mores without the gooey marsh­mal­low — I’d eat these again.

This pack­age of Glico Pocky Sakkuri Milk con­tained 1 bag with ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and gif­ted by rel­at­ives vis­it­ing Tokyo, Japan in 2016.