Glico Pocky Men’s Dark Bitter Chocolate

Most gendered products are amus­ingly unne­ces­sary. And Glico Pocky Men’s Dark Bitter Chocolate is no dif­fer­ent.

Men’s Pocky is a ver­sion of Chocolate Pocky covered bit­ter­sweet dark chocol­ate and tar­geted at men because the tastes of men are ostens­ibly geared towards the less sweet. Each stick is about two-thirds the length and one and a half times the thick­ness of ori­gin­al Pocky.

These Pocky smell bit­ter­sweet and on eat­ing, the enrob­ing chocol­ate is smooth and sweet with a hint of bit­ter­ness. The bis­cuit base is extra crunchy and breaks crisply, much more so than ori­gin­al Pocky, although the rich­er fla­vours of the chocol­ate releg­ate it to being solely a super crispy vehicle for the chocol­ate than retain­ing any of the pleas­ant savoury fla­vour that bal­ances out the sweet­ness of the milk chocol­ate in the ori­gin­al Chocolate Pocky. After all, the dark­er chocol­ate doesn’t need it.

Females who enjoy dark chocol­ate would like eat­ing Men’s Pocky very much. The gendered pack­aging isn’t neces­sary. Indeed, these pock­et-sized packs with the are the per­fect size for eat­ing on the go for both genders.

This pack­age of Glico Pocky Men’s Dark Bitter Chocolate con­tained 1 bag with ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and gif­ted by rel­at­ives vis­it­ing Tokyo, Japan in 2016.