Comebuy, Sydney

Spherical egg-based waffles are pop­u­lar in Hong Kong and Macau and made from an eggy leavened bat­ter cooked between two plates of semi-spher­ic­al cells. With our planned dessert par­lour for egg waffles open­ing late on Mondays, we made an impromptu vis­it to Comebuy on N’s recom­mend­a­tion as they also had egg waffles on their menu with few­er trim­mings at a frac­tion of the price.

This is the Original Eggette ($4.00). They come out pip­ing hot and smelling like fresh baked goods.

These are much like the ones avail­able in Hong Kong with a crunchy sur­face hid­ing a light and eggy inside. I remem­ber the ones in Hong Kong being more fluffy, but these have just enough bite without being doughy.

And to com­pare, we get the Red Bean Eggette ($5.00) made with a red bean bat­ter.

A gen­er­ous amount of red bean in the waffle brings a mel­low nutty sweet­ness without over­whelm­ing by the end of the waffle. That said, the red bean isn’t well dis­trib­uted with some waffle spheres hav­ing no red bean.

Drinks are at a $2.00 dis­count with any eggette pur­chase. This is the Luscious Lychee Juice ($4.50 nor­mally, reg­u­lar). There’s a lychee fla­vour to begin with a strange sweet­ness, but about 1/​3 of the way through all lychee taste in either the liquid or the jel­lies have dis­ap­peared leav­ing a taste­less sweet bever­age. I sus­pect the drink wasn’t mixed prop­erly before serving.

And this is the Taro Milk Tea ($5.00 nor­mally, large), which was equally as dis­ap­point­ing, tast­ing like a watery taro milk tea with a super smooth con­sist­ency until you reach the chunks of gritty taro at the bot­tom.

So, come to Comebuy for the eggettes, but get hydrated else­where.

Comebuy is loc­ated at 392 – 394 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000.