Teas’ Tea Rose & Apple Black Tea

You can get by rely­ing on pic­tures on pack­aging to fig­ure out the con­tents and fla­vours of most food products in Japan. But with this Teas’ Tea Rose & Apple Black Tea, pur­chased on our vis­it to Japan in 2011 when I could read next to no Japanese on the assump­tion it was just an apple black tea, it wasn’t until more recently that I’d real­ised it was also rose-fla­voured. I’d always thought the tea didn’t quite taste just like an apple black tea, but there was no hint of rose in the illus­tra­tion!

Steeping 1 tea bag in 200 ml of water at 95°C for 60 seconds yields a trans­lu­cent deep red-brown liquor with a crisp apple and lightly flor­al nose. Served hot, the crisp notes of fresh apple come through ahead of subtle rose notes in the body before the rich fla­vour of black tea devel­ops with prom­in­ence towards the end of the body, leav­ing a lightly astrin­gent after­taste with under­tones of crisp apple. Overall, the apple fla­vour reminds one of apple skin, rather than the juicy flesh, and more prom­in­ent notes of rose would be more enjoy­able.

Unlike black teas fla­voured with just rose, like the Rose Black Tea by Tao of Tea, the addi­tion of apple adds fresh­ness to the fla­vour although it’s no longer the per­fect pal­ate cleanser for pair­ing with sweet desserts.

This bag of Teas’ Tea Rose & Apple Black Tea con­tained 10 tea bags. The tea ori­gin­ated in Indonesia and was pur­chased in Tokyo, Japan in 2011.