T2 China Jasmine

Whenever I’m feel­ing a little under the weath­er with aller­gies, a cup of hot tea, without the more exot­ic fla­vours that I usu­ally like, always brings com­fort. And this here is T2 China Jasmine.

Infusing 1 tea bag in 200 ml of water at 80°C for 2 minutes yields a trans­lu­cent yel­low liquor with a del­ic­ate jas­mine scent. On tast­ing a slight astrin­gency comes through ahead of the pleas­ant flor­al jas­mine notes in the body that devel­op with but­tery Chinese green tea notes towards the fin­ish before return­ing to a gentle astrin­gent fin­ish. The mel­low fla­vour and fra­grance of this tea make it per­fect for drink­ing every day.

This box of T2 China Jasmine con­tained 25 bags or 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in China and was gif­ted by rel­at­ives in 2013.