Shortstop Coffee and Donuts, Barangaroo


The dis­aster that was the Yuzu and Lychee Donut by Nutie Donuts at the Lunar Markets left a gap­ing lychee fla­voured dough­nut hole in my heart. And while I knew Shortshop Coffee and Donuts had a Lychee and Oolong filled dough­nut as part of their Lunar New Year line-up, I thought it was avail­able only for pre-order in a box of six. Fast for­ward to a few days before they were due to change over to a new lineup, I dis­covered they were avail­able indi­vidu­ally on Instagram. So, tor­ren­tial rain be damned, I had to get down to Barangaroo!

This is their Lychee & Oolong Filled Donut ($6.00). It looks worse for wear, but that always seems to be the case when you vis­it dur­ing the morn­ing when the dough­nuts are fresh out of the kit­chen and the glaze hasn’t had suf­fi­cient time to set. As its named sug­gests, the dough­nut is filled with creme patis­siere fla­voured with a lychee-infused oolong and topped with oolong bis­cuits.

The creme patis­siere is bright with a lychee oolong fla­vour and recalls the fruity, flor­al notes of the Lychee Oolong by Lupicia rather than the light­ness of fresh lychees. It’s barely sweetened, rely­ing on the sug­ar glaze which bal­ances the fla­vour well. The raised dough­nut is tender without being doughy, while the oolong bis­cuits atop lent a pleas­ant toasty fla­vour. They were soft, rather than crispy as expec­ted, but it works.

Also part of their Lunar New Year lineup was this Houjicha Latte Cake Donut ($5.00), a houjicha cake dough­nut base, topped with a white chocol­ate and houjicha glaze and fin­ished with milk crumbs.

The houjicha fla­vour in this dough­nut is mel­low and subtle, com­ing through in both the dough­nut base and the glaze but the fla­vour is lost to only a hint in the fin­ish when eaten togeth­er with the very milky-tast­ing milk crumbs. I ima­gine the milk crumbs is where the ‘latte’ part comes in, but I enjoyed the pleas­ant roas­ted green tea fla­vour of the dough­nut more without it. The tex­ture of the dough­nut a bit dens­er than their Earl Grey & Rose Donut.

And to round off the tea-inspired dough­nuts, is their staple Triple Matcha Cake Donut ($5.00), with a matcha cake dough­nut base, topped with a white chocol­ate & matcha glaze and fin­ished with matcha icing stripes.

The glaze is sweet with the fla­vour of a good matcha latte and car­ries most of the matcha fla­vour in the dough­nut. The bright green of the dough­nut itself, but there’s only a faint bit­ter matcha edge that comes through in the fin­ish. I’ve read many people describe the matcha fla­vour as one that hits you in the face, but I’d say it’s rather restrained and would prefer a bright­er matcha fla­vour in the dough­nut.

I’m happy to report that the lychee dough­nut shaped hole in my heart has been filled. Shortstop Coffee and Donuts really do make dough­nuts a step above the rest.

Shortstop Coffee and Donuts is loc­ated at 3/​23 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000.