Rekorderlig Premium Passionfruit Cider

Rekorderlig has one of the widest ranges of fruit fla­voured pear ciders. We’d first tried their ciders dur­ing a trip to Kempsey many years back, but we have not the slight­est recol­lec­tion of the fla­vour we tried or wheth­er we enjoyed it. So, a taste of the Rekorderlig Premium Passionfruit Cider was in order. We very much enjoy the tangy tart­ness of pas­sion­fruit.

The cider is a trans­lu­cent palest of pale yel­lows with an aro­mat­ic, trop­ic­al nose of sweet and tart pas­sion­fruit and a gentle effer­ves­cence. Consumed ice-cold, trop­ic­al fruity notes emerge in the head but aren’t imme­di­ately recog­nis­able as pas­sion­fruit. As the sweet­ness devel­ops in the body, the fruity notes recall that of a very sweet pas­sion­fruit without its defin­ing tart­ness and instead resembles the fla­vour of peaches. The cider leaves a sweet, dry fin­ish, with the char­ac­ter­ist­ic fla­vour and light acid­ity of a pear cider absent through­out.

While it’s pleas­ant, we’re dis­ap­poin­ted by the lack of pear cider notes and of a defin­ing fla­vour in this cider.

This bottle of Rekorderlig Premium Passionfruit Cider con­tained 330ml. It was bottled in Sweden and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.