Red Rooster, Seven Hills

Red Rooster is one of the less omni­present fast food res­taur­ants in Australia. Indeed, unless we ven­ture out to Greater Western Sydney, I nev­er pass one. Red Rooster’s been around for as long as D and I can remem­ber, though, and since neither of us has any recol­lec­tion of ever eat­ing it so we were both curi­ous to try.

Red Rooster is known for their roast chick­en, so we have a Half Roast Chicken ($12.99) with Hickory Smoked BBQ Glaze (free with roast chick­en). The chick­en itself is rather unim­press­ive on the dry side with little fla­vour without the glaze, which has a pleas­ant smoked tang. You get more value and fla­vour for your money by buy­ing a whole roast chick­en and glaze from the super­mar­ket for about the same price.

Their Family Chips ($6.99) are where Red Rooster shines, each chip being super crispy on the inside and very fluffy on the inside, all while com­ing out pip­ing hot. The only gripe is that the chips are a tad over salted (which is the oppos­ite of the issue we have with the chips KFC, which we love for their season­ing).

And a Large Gravy ($4.59) to dip the chips. The gravy has a rich chick­en fla­vour, but there’s a bit too much corn­starch used to thick­en the gravy that it inter­feres with the taste and gives it weird grey-brown col­our. We prefer the gravy at KFC for its rich chick­en fla­vour and thick­ness without the corn­starch fla­vour.

And for dessert, we have the Apple Bites (4 pieces for $2.19), deep-fried pastry filled with apple.

These Apple Bites lif­ted out spir­its with their pip­ing hot innards and crumbly pastry. While we would’ve pre­ferred a crunchi­er pastry, the savoury fla­vour of the pastry paired well with the sweet apples.

While dis­ap­poin­ted that our exper­i­ence at Red Rooster wasn’t as deli­cious as we’d hoped, we’re also relieved that it seems we haven’t been miss­ing much from fore­go­ing Red Rooster all these years.

Red Rooster is at Cnr of Abbott Rd & Foundry Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147.