Nestle KitKat Special Butter

Butter makes everything taste rich­er and more fla­vour­ful. And this here is Nestle KitKat Special Butter, a spe­cial edi­tion KitKat released ini­tially only in their Sapporo store in 2015 and later at nation-wide KitKat Chocolatory stores in 2016.

This but­tery fla­vour was the win­ner of a con­test organ­ized by the Tsuji Group culin­ary school that sought to high­light an ingredi­ent loc­al to the region. Milk and but­ter — along with sea urchin and sal­mon — are Hokkaido’s main claims to culin­ary fame.

These KitKats have but­ter infused white chocol­ate enrob­ing wafers sand­wich­ing a white chocol­ate cream.

The KitKat smells like a rich milk chocol­ate. I was expect­ing a savoury but­tery fla­vour, only to be sur­prised that these Butter KitKats taste much like an extremely rich and creamy milk chocol­ate with a more pro­nounced hint of dairy at the start before the sweet­ness builds towards the end as you reach the sand­wich­ing cream, and leav­ing aa rich after­taste of which chocol­ate. These are enjoy­able KitKats, although its fla­vour is less lux­uri­ous than some of the oth­ers avail­able such as Strawberry Maple and Chilli & Passionfruit.

This min­i­bar of Nestle KitKat Special Butter was pro­duced in Japan and gif­ted by friends vis­it­ing Japan in 2016.