Fukujuen Melon Sencha

The muskmel­on is the ‘king of fruit’ in Japan and here, it fla­vours this Fukujuen Melon Sencha.

Steeping 1 tea bag with 2 grams of looseleaf in 200ml of water at 75°C for 70 seconds yields a trans­lu­cent pale yel­low-green liquor with a prom­in­ent veget­al nose. Served hot, pleas­ant and bright notes of mel­on with a gentle sweet­ness come through before mel­lowed by the more veget­al fla­vours of the sen­cha in the body that devel­ops with a slight brothy fla­vour and leaves a lightly astrin­gent fin­ish with a faint mel­on back­ground. Overall, this tea is bal­anced with the fla­vours of mel­on and sen­cha appear­ing in equal meas­ure.

This box of Fukujuen Melon Sencha con­tained 5 tea bags or 10 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Japan and was pur­chased in Kyoto, Japan in 2015.