Matso’s Lychee Beer

Lychee fans through and through, we try Matso’s Lychee Beer in the hopes that lychee will make the dry mouth­feel of beer more pal­at­able. It’s a rather exot­ic fla­voured beer to come out of Western Australia.

The beer is a bright golden yel­low with a fra­grant lychee nose against a malty back­ground and a gen­er­ous effer­ves­cence. Consumed ice-cold, the flor­al notes of lychee come through in the head of the first sip before devel­op­ing into a slight sweet­ness in the body and giv­ing way to the dry, malt notes of beer in the fin­ish and in the imme­di­ate after­taste. By the second sip, though, the lychee fla­vour recedes dra­mat­ic­ally both on the nose and pal­ate and gives way to more prom­in­ent dry, malty fla­vours of the beer that are slightly bit­ter from the gen­er­ous effer­ves­cence. That’s the fla­vour that we don’t enjoy, but pleas­antly, long after the bottle’s been fin­ished and the malty after­taste has dis­ap­peared, a fra­grant flor­al lychee fla­vour much like that used in fla­vour­ing teas, lingers long on the pal­ate. That per­haps is the most enjoy­able part of the beer.

This bottle of Matso’s Lychee Beer con­tained 330ml. It was bottled in Australia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.