Calbee Jagabee Light Salt

Japan is a haven for tasty snacks rationed into reas­on­ably mod­er­ate por­tions to avoid over­eat­ing. These here are Calbee Jagabee Light Salt.

Jagabee is a snack made by fry­ing real, thick, nat­ur­al-cut pota­toes. These are lightly salted, although they come in many dif­fer­ent fla­vours includ­ing region­ally lim­ited edi­tions like takoy­aki in the Kansai area.

Each box con­tains sealed por­tions of 18 grams and is illus­trated with the Jagabee mas­cot.

These potato snacks are crispy, crunchy and savoury per­fec­tion. They have a pleas­antly salty smell and the crunchi­est mouth­feel. Unlike fresh thick cut chips that have soft innards, these have a crispy skin and are crunchy all the way through. Past the crunch, the snacks melt-in-your-mouth to cre­ate an addict­ive savoury fla­vour. It goes without say­ing that it would be too easy to go through a large bag of these — which they do sell under oth­er brands — if they weren’t rationed into 18-gram por­tions.

This box of Calbee Jagabee Light Salt con­tained 5 packs of 18 g. It was pro­duced in Japan and gif­ted by rel­at­ives vis­it­ing Tokyo, Japan in 2016.