HeySong Sarsaparilla

Taiwan is the ori­gin of our next sar­sa­parilla. This HeySong Sarsaparilla is the most pop­u­lar sar­si drink in Taiwan. Only the reg­u­lar fla­vour is avail­able in Sydney although it does also come with added guar­ana extract or salt. Energy drinks aren’t our kind of drinks and the addi­tion of salt is a bit odd., so it’s just as well.

The bever­age is highly car­bon­ated with a trans­lu­cent pale brown col­our — the light­est we’ve come across for sar­sa­parilla — with an intensely sweet and strong win­ter­green nose. Consumed ice-cold, a bubblegum fla­voured sweet­ness emerges ahead of a strong win­ter­green body that devel­ops with a prom­in­ent bit­ter­ness towards the end of the body, which is emphas­ised by the high car­bon­a­tion and lingers as an unpleas­ant bit­ter bubblegum fla­vour long on the pal­ate with a gentle warmth. If the F&N Sarsi tasted like the scent of Tiger Balm White, then this one has the extra kick from the extra warm­ing Tiger Balm Red.

This can of HeySong Sarsaparilla con­tained 330ml. It was bottled in Taiwan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.