Godiva Chinese New Year Carré Gift Box Milk Chocolate Apple and Dark Chocolate Almond

Godiva pro­duces lim­ited-edi­tion chocol­ates with spe­cial pack­aging every year for Lunar New Year. And this year, I was for­tu­nate to enjoy chocol­ates from the Godiva Chinese New Year Carré Gift Box.

The fla­vours for this year were Milk Chocolate Apple and Dark Chocolate Almond. Each piece is wrapped indi­vidu­ally in red pack­aging, 3 cm x 3 cm x 0.3 cm.

The Milk Chocolate Apple has a min­im­um cocoa con­tent of 30% and comes in a bright ver­mil­lion pack­aging with a rather min­im­al­ist roost­er design.

From the first bite, the apple is present as a fresh, sweet fla­vour, but it’s not par­tic­u­larly strong, lend­ing only a sweet, fruity under­tone to the chocol­ate. The chocol­ate melts to a smooth and creamy con­sist­ency, leav­ing a pleas­ant after­taste of milk chocol­ate without notes of apple.

The Dark Chocolate Almond has a min­im­um cocoa con­tent of 50% and comes in a dark­er bur­gundy pack­aging with a more col­our­ful roost­er design.

The nutty notes of almond are evid­ent from the smell. The dark chocol­ate pleas­antly melts to a rich smooth­ness with a depth of fla­vour that’s slightly bit­ter, but well bal­anced by the sweet­ness and accen­ted by the nut­ti­ness and crunchi­ness of the almond. The bit­ter­sweet fla­vour dark chocol­ate lingers long on the pal­ate.

As expec­ted from a premi­um chocol­ati­er, chocol­ates by Godiva have a deli­cious depth of fla­vour with a smooth and creamy tex­ture.

These Milk Chocolate Apple and Dark Chocolate Almond pieces were part of a 48 piece lim­ited edi­tion Godiva Chinese New Year 2017 Carré Gift Box. It was pro­duced in Belgium and gif­ted by a col­league vis­it­ing Hong Kong in 2017.