IKEA Dryck Bubbel Paron


The many food products at IKEA make for a great dis­trac­tion when brows­ing through their end­less fur­niture options, not only in the food mar­ket at the end of a vis­it but dur­ing a vis­it when you’re open­ing draw­ers and cab­in­ets in their numer­ous kit­chen dis­plays

This here is one of their drinks, the IKEA Dryck Bubbel Paron, a ‘spark­ling pear drink’ made with 19% pear con­cen­trate and 10% apple con­cen­trate.

The drink is a pale golden yel­low with a sweet apple nose. Consumed ice-cold, the drink tastes much like the Nordic Pear Water avail­able from the IKEA cafet­er­ia, but more effer­ves­cent with crisp and sweet apple notes in the body fol­lowed by more pro­nounced pear fla­vour in the fin­ish. It’s a refresh­ing, non-alco­hol­ic bub­bly drink, more aptly described as a ‘pear and apple spark­ling drink’ giv­en the pro­nounced apple notes. At the price of $4.90 for 750ml, though, there are tasti­er bever­ages to be had.

This bottle of IKEA Dryck Bubbel Paron con­tained 750 ml. It was bottled in Spain and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2017.