Chanoma Cafe, Sydney

Yuzu is deli­cious. I love yuzu fla­voured everything and Chanoma Cafe ded­ic­ated part of their menu to yuzu in February. Nowhere else in Sydney does yuzu sorbet or yuzu drinks as yet, so a vis­it was in order.

This Yuzu Sorbet ($3.90) tem­por­ar­ily replaced the azuki soft serve dur­ing our blis­ter­ing February. And it hits all the right spots with a tangy and sweet fla­vour that’s super refresh­ing and re-ener­gising on its own or after a heavy meal. It’s eas­ily my favour­ite item on the Chanoma menu to date. It should be a per­man­ent addi­tion!

And this is the Yuzu Shaved Ice ($7.50). ‘Shaved ice’ is a mis­nomer as it’s crushed ice that melts into a sol­id lump of ice rather than shaved ice that retains its fluffy soft tex­ture. The yuzu honey has thinly sliced yuzu rind — much like that in Yuzu-cha by Greenwood — and is very heavy on the flor­al honey notes, which inter­fere with the bright yuzu fla­vour. The yuzu sorbet top­ping it off is deli­cious, and while we may not appre­ci­ate the pro­nounced honey fla­vour, this use of genu­ine yuzu fla­vour is worlds away from their use of home brand lem­on juice in their yuzu-cha many years ago.

On a sep­ar­ate vis­it, we try the Yuzu Float ($6.90) which does away with the ‘shaved ice’ for an iced yuzu tea with yuzu sorbet. This bypasses the issue with the ‘shaved ice’ melt­ing into a sol­id lump of ice and mel­lows the honey fla­vour of the yuzu tea. On the down­side, the fla­vour of the yuzu sorbet is over­whelmed by the yuzu tea. Still, the drink itself is deli­ciously refresh­ingly.

N goes back for their Honey Yuzu Milk Frappe ($6.90), which is sur­pris­ingly dif­fer­ent (in a bad way) to when we first tried it a few months ago, with a very pro­nounced and unpleas­ant milk fla­vour com­ing through that does not go well with yuzu at all and was not present pre­vi­ously. Think milk fla­voured with cit­rus. It’s hard to stom­ach, but see­ing oth­er people order it, I’m con­vinced the one we received may have been a dud.

Chanoma Cafe is loc­ated at 1/​501 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.